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Something new

Well, it DID look as if there were going to be changes, and there are.

We’ve decided to mix things up a bit and now I’m the submissive one.

I’ve been submissive for many years and last year we spent 131 days in a MALE/female oriented relationship and we had a lot of fun. Then, of course, we had a swap around…and had just as much fun.

Yesterday, my submission was accepted and I now have a list of 10 (TEN??!!) rules to follow. No pressure there, then!

In time I will divulge them but for now I must re-acquaint myself with bloody WordPress as I have been told to take over this blog. Doing the occasional post was all well and good but having to do it more often is just going to confuse me as I have a vanilla blog on Blogger and I am much more used to using that.

I’ll be back…


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Hello world!

I say hello world (well I didn’t the title was there already) but what I actually mean is hello me (its ok I often talk to myself, its ok, really) and of course (and most importantly) hello to my truly wonderful and lovely Domme, Claire, without whom I wouldn’t be here writing any of this (thank you Claire).

The reason I’m saying hello to us 2 instead of the world is that as of this moment in time its only us that know of this blog so until anyone else stumbles across it hello world seems a bit optimistic lol.


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