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…. does it also make the sub more submissive, well, I would say yes, yes it does.

It certainly causes him to crave his Domme desperately, (not that he doesn’t always I hasten to add)…..(just more intensely when not with her)  it also causes him to long to do anything to ensure her happiness and pleasure is maintained (again, an ever present but absence focuses the submissive mind a great deal) I have been away from Claire for almost 7 days now and it’s not nice 😦 thankfully I will see her again the weekend 🙂

Only a short post

Move along now

There is nothing to see down here

Ok there is a little more, I have never been remotely interested in all things horse riding related but when I stumbled on the pic at the start of the post it struck a chord, admittedly the whole boots, whip and jodhpur thing does have a certain visual element to it but the contraption the sub in the pic is attached too looks absolutely ideal, for riding purposes I mean, should a sub need riding, or more importantly his Domme fancy a ride 😉

Really going now, lots to do………………………………………….


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