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Although in all fairness to Claire, I don’t have to be a naughty boy to get spanked, it may just be for Claire’s amusement or because she wants to see my red cheeks, although the recent 2 (the 2 I will describe) were because I was naughty, well not necessarily naughty, but had failed to complete a set task, actually one was due to me being naughty and a little insolent, I will get on with it now, don’t want to risk incurring another one.

Actually before I start I should explain that technically neither was a traditional spanking (as in hand on bottom) because an implement was used each time, so one was a whipping and the other was a, well, I’m not sure what you call it, made my cheeks red though.

So the first one, I was naked and on all 4s on the stool in the lounge (that is a focal point for much of our play) with my wrists cuffed and the cuffs secured to the coffee table by a further chain, I was going nowhere, oh, I was gagged as well.

So there I am, VERY exposed with my bare bottom in the air and at a perfect height for Claire (who is standing behind me) to access.

I should explain at this point that she absolutely adores butterflies so a while back I had bought her a butterfly tipped crop (I know, silly of me lol) and it was this that was in her hand as she stood behind me.

After what seemed an age, she started; the butterfly came into contact with my bare bottom, again and again and again………… I think I will describe the second of the 2 latest spankings now; I can then go into more detail about certain things that are common themes………….

Once again the stool was involved and of course I was gagged (probably for the best, we get on ok with the neighbours and it would be a shame to ruin it) but this time no restraints, just me on all 4s on the stool, also this time there was no cute little butterfly (well it is to look at even if it doesn’t feel it on your bottom) this time it was the tawse, far from cute looking, a scary looking thing in fact and also a totally different feel from the crop, still a very red bottom though, something I’m sure Claire will want me to upload pics of at some point in the future, well she is quite proud of her handy work, the look on her face when looking at the redness would suggest so anyway lol (and of course she is also proud her boys bare bottom too, freshly spanked or not)

Anyway, back to the current post….

As much as it pains (no pun intended) me to say and admit to and I will no doubt regret saying it lol, I actually enjoy suffering for Claire (in any way) the spanking being a case in point, as much as it hurts at the time and I really want it to stop, I know how much she is enjoying it, enjoying seeing my ever reddening cheeks and taking pride in her boy for he is suffering for her, pushing himself for her, its almost like one of those never ending circles, the more it hurts, the more I push myself and the more my suffering and redness pleases her, thus pleasing me and ultimately (if not at the time lol) makes me happy, pleasing Claire and making her happy really is the best thing ever 🙂

I could (and no doubt should)……(no I’m not angling for another punishment honest lol) add more and go into more detail about my bare bottom and what happens when it gets red, I’m sure at some point I will, but for now I will stop as I don’t want the post to be too long and rambling, plus I’m desperate for a cup of tea and some chocolate, bye for now……….


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