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I think I have made my point, talking of which………………..

Well, one of them does, point I mean, obviously though both do, after all, its the one thing you can rely on a nipple to do isn’t it, point, maybe not always, but I’m sure we all have nipples that have at one time or other pointed, going off topic a bit sorry.

Actually I’m not, this is another post about nipples I’m afraid, no, I’m not obsessed (well ok maybe a little but that’s another post for another time) this post is just a quick update on my own (nipples) well nipple to be more precise but I would hate for (the non pierced) one to get a complex and think it wasn’t as important or loved as much hence me saying nipples, not nipple.

I feel I should also say that I am not attempting to set a new record for the number of times the word nipple (or nipples) is said in a post either, its just me trying to explain myself, honest.

So this nipple, I mean these nipples, well as the pic says, they are happy, my name is Paul and I have happy nipples 🙂

Is there a support group for people with happy nipples, I don’t know, maybe, maybe unhappy nipples, my name is Paul and I have unhappy nipples, I don’t, obviously, I just said that for effect.

Moving on…………… at the risk of alienating my right (your left)….(not yours)…(as you look at it I mean) nipple, my left (your right)….(must be nice to always be right) nipple is quite a happy one (they both are for different reasons).

It is healing nicely, looking very healthy (and happy) and causing very minimal discomfort, to the extent that any discomfort is actually quite pleasurable now, that’s the level its reached. I have just got out the bath (I do love a bath) and undertook my nightly clean (there is a morning one too) and it was actually quite pleasant, prior to now cleaning has been an uncomfortable chore due to the discomfort caused when “tampering and fiddling” with the bar, thankfully this stage has passed, I cant wait for the morning when I can clean it again lol.

So as not to neglect my right (your left) nipple, wearing thin isn’t it sorry, not my nipple, that would be awful, I mean the my left your right stuff, I will stop………….. I have……..

My right nipple is actually as happy as my left (pierced) nipple, the reason for this is simple, due to the freshness of the piercing the left nipple is out of bounds so to speak, Claire is being incredibly kind and not tormenting it at all, this therefore means the right nipple takes the brunt of any frustration is the centre of any attention directed towards my nipples, all in all 2 very happy nipples.

2 very happy nipples attached to an incredibly happy sub 🙂 thank you Claire 🙂 for everything 🙂

PS the nipple count was nipples 12 and nipple 14, can you imagine……………..


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