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My Chemical Romance

In case you wondered, the title of the post doesn’t refer to the group by the same name, I could leave you in suspense to work it out yourself (the pic is a big clue) but I wont, I will explain.

As you can see the picture is of me in a chemise, well you don’t know it’s me, all you know is that it’s a picture of a pair of legs and a cock sticking out from under the hem of a chemise, well those items are attached to me and I was wearing the chemise at the time (as I am now, more on that later).

Why the title?

Well, aside from them not being a bad group (although that has nothing to do with it) when Claire first took me shopping for my chemise I wasn’t quite sure what it was or what to call it, as I stood there in the store looking at a range of them hanging up, so I called it a chemical and its sort of stuck (as some chemicals no doubt can if handled incorrectly) hence my chemical romance, its me saying I love my chemise.

When we were choosing we narrowed the colours down to a white one, or the one I have which is a sort of ivory colour, it looks lovely and I really wanted it instead of the white one as it almost has a sort of wedding dress look (colour wise) to it, that’s what struck me anyway and I just had to have it, it pressed all the right psychological buttons in that sense (the whole bridal thing) especially as Claire allowed me to wear it that night as I lay next to her in bed, it was lovely, it IS lovely.

Anyway, back to now, Claire asked me to post about my chemical chemise but she insisted I wore it as I wrote the post, so I am, its almost like a rare treat being allowed to wear it, its predominantly a bed/sleeping thing, but I am allowed at other times, depending on Claire’s desires and wishes at the time.

I will be doing something else after publishing this too, before I take my chemical chemise off, something I have not yet done while wearing it, very shortly (within 5 mins I reckon as I’m near the end) I will be having an orgasm, I’m very hard already at the thought, its been a few days and I’m getting rather needy in need.

I wasn’t allowed yesterday (its one of the 2 days a week I’m not allowed to cum, unless Claire says otherwise so I know not to even bother asking) and today I was told I wasn’t allowed until I have posted, then as soon as I have I am to enjoy my orgasm while wearing my lovely chemise and that dear reader/s is what I’m about to do 🙂


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