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Clean Hands Dirty Mind?

I have been becoming quite a dirty boy recently, I don’t mean in an unwashed skanky way (although I will come back to that) I mean in a “oooh what a nasty slut you are” way.

I have always been very conscious, ok maybe conscious is not the right word, but very keen (still not the right word) aware (nope, that’s not it either) I will forget about trying to find the right word for now.

I have always been a very clean person, shower in the morning, bath at night, change my clothes so often the washing machine barely rests, taken pride over my appearance, etc etc, not to OCD levels, but I DO like to be clean…………. usually…….

Recently however, I have been demonstrating a few “dirty boy” traits, actually, like I said earlier, not so much dirty boy as nasty slut.

At this point I planned on finishing this post for now and then explaining more at a later date when instructed, I’m learning how things work “blog wise” (well in every way) now though and being an eager to please and keen, obedient sub I won’t wait to be told, I will do the more detail bit now.

On 2 occasions within the last 7 days I have demonstrated this “dirtiness” or “nasty slut” side, I will explain both individually.

The first was when I sent Claire my weekly “wanking video” (taken on my phone and done weekly, however much I am seeing of Claire that particular week she likes to receive a video of me wanking once a week, so therefore does) This one was taken the day after I had disappointed her with my attitude (covered in this post) and I felt it was only right to do what I did, it’s the least I deserved for the way I had behaved,

The video Claire received on her phone that day was of me coming over my own face, I had positioned my legs over my head so my cock was pointing directly at my face, then wanked myself until I reached orgasm, the orgasm just happened to spray all over my face, so Claire got a video of her dirty little boy with cum all over his face.

The second incident happened on Friday. As Claire mentioned the other day I am currently on a healthy eating plan, in itself not dirty at all, also Friday is one of my “no orgasm days”  (as mentioned at the end of this post) so I don’t expect to cum and don’t even ask, that’s not to say I don’t cum, if Claire wants it then of course I do, but it’s pointless me asking as it won’t happen (unless she wants me to) anyway, I was feeling both particularly horny and particularly peckish on Friday (I had acquired some chocolate biscuits and was desperate lol)

I was talking about both of my cravings and urges with Claire and she gave me a choice, I could have an orgasm or I could have 4 biscuits, the mere fact of being able to cum on a no orgasm day was very tempting and I felt really horny and desperately wanted to cum, but the biscuits, mmmmmmmm, I LOVE a chocolate biscuit, decision decisions, however Claire did give me a third choice.

I could have an orgasm AND 4 biscuits, sounds good I was thinking, have your cake and eat it sort of thing, not quite, more a case of have your orgasm and eat it, if I wanted the 4 biscuits and the orgasm that day then I had to cum on one of the biscuits before eating it, I could then have the other 3, so I get to cum and have 4 biscuits, no prizes for guessing my decision, the mere fact I’m mentioning it as an example of my emerging “dirty boy”/“nasty slut” nature should give you the answer.

Yes, I did wank and cum on a chocolate biscuit before eating it (well I was desperate, for a chocolate biscuit and an orgasm, what’s a boy to do)

Before I draw this post to a close (apologies if it’s gone on a bit) my “skanky” comment earlier, I won’t explain what I said or what I was talking about that got me into trouble (maybe in several years I might be able to, who knows, hopefully not) but for the past two weeks (excluding the one just gone) I have had to wear the same dirty underwear for two days. Claire likes me to wear knickers to work twice a week (sensible ones, not like some of my others lol) these days coincide with my no orgasm days too, but on 2 consecutive weeks I have had to wear the same pair on a Friday that I wore on Tuesday as a punishment, not nice, especially for one that likes to be clean, which I didn’t feel on those two days, in fact I felt I was a little skanky, but then that was the idea and what Claire wanted 🙂


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