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I soon found out…..

…..that yesterday (the day after this post funnily enough) although not “at work” I was in fact going to be a rather busy bunny.

Busy cleaning to be precise, well the wooden floors do get dirty very quickly (muddy paws tend to have that effect) … (hence wooden floor not carpet). Now, I’m not adverse to cleaning and being a tidy boy (although Claire may say otherwise at times lol) but when I normally “muck in” and do my bit it isn’t usually as I did it yesterday.

As Claire described in her last post (and as the pic attached to this post clearly shows), I was cuffed throughout, I also wore my collar and chastity device. That was all though, nothing else, I remained totally naked otherwise.

Now I had read Claire’s post before yesterday, so it wasn’t particularly a surprise, but foolishly (I really should have learnt that we don’t do “second guessing” by now lol) I thought (I know, I know, it’s not my place to do that) … (but I do sometimes) but I thought that the cuffs would be unattached, as in I would have them on my wrists but my hands would still be free, wrong……

So there I am, on all 4’s, naked except for a collar and chastity device with my hands attached to one another via the cuffs, cleaning the floor. I should add at this point that Claire was having lunch by now, I was hoping to have lunch with her (its nice to when I’m off during the week and we often do) and although I was “with her” while she ate lunch, I wasn’t eating, I had to wait until my chores were complete to have mine.

I must admit I was rather surprised how much I could do with my hands restrained in such a way, cleaning the floor was perfectly achievable if a little awkward (apparently the sound of the clasp connecting the cuffs banging on the floor as I cleaned was a pleasurable one for Claire, she could hear it while sitting in the other room eating and knew her sub was hard at it). Apparently I did a good job too; well I have been trained very well, by THE most wonderful Domme a sub could wish to serve and be owned by.

It was actually quite surprising how much I could do while cuffed, not just the cleaning of the floor (and skirting boards) … (well if a job is worth doing lol) but I subsequently made tea for us, ate my lunch and cleared dishes away too, before Claire allowed me to give her an after lunch orgasm, all while cuffed.

I mentioned earlier that I had done a good job, Claire clearly thought so as she did allow me to wear a pair of my pretty knickers when we went shopping after lunch, she really is a very kind Domme 🙂


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…but tomorrow I am going to relax and sip tea while my lovely sub cleans the wooden floors.

He’ll have his chastity device on, he’ll be collared and handcuffed……

…….and I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job of it 😉

As a reward, when we go into town afterwards, he can wear some pretty knickers.

I’m a very kind Domme 😉

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For the first time the other day I watched my sub attempt to do some ironing. He needed some guidance, obviously, but I’d like to think that at some point I could have him do the ironing, naked, with a full bottom, maybe wearing one of his ‘pretty’ outfits……..

…………while I sip wine and read a good book……… 


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