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1st Post (proper)

I thought it best to explain a few things before the blog gets under way properly, hence this post, its a post of an explanatory nature…….

Firstly the more astute and observant of you will have noticed that not only do I refer to the person I belong to as Claire but also, interchangeably, as my Domme. I should also add she is my true love , my life partner, my soul mate and my very best friend (amongst many many other things will which will no doubt become clearer/known as this blog progresses)

Our relationship is so much more than a Domme and her boy/sub and because of that we both recognise how very lucky we are, it is also because our relationship is such that we no longer use the capitalisation that is often seen and used in many D/s relationships. I say that in case anyone reading thought “what a rude and disrespectful sub he is” … “ he doesn’t refer to his Domme as Her and uses a capital I for himself and even a capital P for his name” …. I can assure you I am VERY respectful of Claire and any rudeness on my part or disrespect, if I dared show any, is addressed immediately by her (thank you Claire).

I very much hope this blog will develop and grow as solidly and enjoyably as our relationship has and maybe even serve as a source of information, ideas and above all enjoyment for anyone that may stumble across it. But please bear with me as this whole blogging thing is a totally new concept to me so it may take me a while to get my head round it, in saying that I am told I am a fast learner (surprising what a bit of “encouragement” can do lol) so it may not be too bad 🙂


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