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Desertion of duty

Or as the picture emphasises, rolling tumbleweed…………….

Not that it is a duty, I was coining a phrase, as opposed to coining a car which is malicious and spiteful, anyway, moving on…………..

It’s been too long (again) but I won’t make lots of apologies,  excuses and comments about there only being one post in a month the way I did in the last post (the only of that month too) it would be far too tedious for those that are still occasionally popping in for an update.

What I will say though is that during this month there will be some changes (to the blog, layout etc) at least, well that’s what I aim to do anyway (or I may get someone to help me, hint hint)

It’s unlikely there will be any changes re Claire and me, we are still incredibly wrapped up in our separate “vanilla” lives and still predominantly flatline, though both continuing to have a little dabble at either being submissive or dominant at times. It gets quite entertaining when neither is feeling particularly submissive but both are feeling the opposite, oh the battles fun we have lol. We are both still incredibly happy and in love too which is wonderful 🙂

We both really want to keep the blog ticking over until such a time that things settle down for us (should hopefully only be another few months) and then things will no doubt find some sort of natural balance (wont they pet) … (couldn’t resist lol) so over the next few weeks I want to try and change the look of the blog, headings, sections etc to more reflect the current status quo (no, not the group) and also so that those of you still tuning in have something different to look at, even if it’s the same but in a different place it will be different, wont it? Not sure, confusing myself now, time to go I think…………


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Not in excess (or INXS) …….. (that lot with the famed lead singer, the “did he or didn’t he die of autoerotic asphyxiation” one)  nor do I mean to excess (no group of that name)……(although there no doubt is, probably an INXS tribute band, not looked but bound to be)

No, the excess I refer to is the excess time that has lapsed since the last post appeared on this blog, over a month, inexcusable behaviour, there was actually only one post in the whole of May (but then you probably know that if you are still tuning in) like I said, appallingly inexcusable and unforgivable, ok, I’m probably overdoing it (just slightly lol) but I was surprised when I realised how long it’s been since the last post.

I have been meaning to post for a few weeks (Claire herself has been meaning to as well) but things really are hectic at the moment, for both Claire and me, hence the sporadic nature of posts at present.

As a (brief) update, things between us have been amazingly excellent (as always) but incredibly busy in a vanilla sense, we are both hopeful that in a few months when things settle down and we are properly together then some sort of sustained pattern may emerge, either way we will both be much more relaxed, at ease and most importantly together 24/7 which is the main thing.

For now we have both been predominantly flatline, although for a period of a few weeks we did maintain the Claire Dominant Paul submissive pattern that I alluded to in the last post, but since then we have both at times been Dominant and at other times submissive, I know that may be confusing for those sticking with the blog and still reading this (thank you) and for both of us it was initially a little confusing but we are both very comfortable with it now, it suits both our needs/wants at present (given the demands our vanilla lives are currently placing on us) and it is enhancing our knowledge of each other (and ourselves) greatly and bringing us even closer together, so all in all its really rather good, we are both incredibly lucky to be so secure and in tune with each other that we can adapt to things around us and react accordingly, making very little sense now am I lol……………..

On that note I will finish the post, to recap (so you know what’s happening, sort of) at present I am not Claire’s boy (full time, only on occasions), nor is she my girl (though on brief occasions she has been) we are both very much flatline and sporadically responding to cues we are each feeling or the other is sending, I’m still making no sense am I……. Suffice to say our love for each other is incredibly strong and growing all the time (apologies if it sounds corny but it’s true)

Ps in case you wondered my nipple is fully recovered and able to partake in any play required of it (as we found out earlier today lol) I think a similar thing would suit Claire (that will provoke a response) ………………………. 🙂

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The tone and content of this (next intended) post has changed several times over the past few weeks. I will try to explain as best I can without boring you all to tears…………………………….

Initially when I posted the last (change is in the air) post the subsequent post was going to be somewhat different to this one, there was also a stage when it could have been entirely different again, what do you mean I am making little sense, ok, fair comment, let me try to make some sort of start on an explanation.

A few weeks ago Claire and I were going through quite a difficult, actually difficult is not the right word, ummmm, strained, better but still not right, demanding, thats it, quite a demanding time in our respective “vanilla” lives, not with our relationship I hasten to add, that goes from strength to strength, but the demands our individual (not as Claire and Paul) lives were placing led to us both slipping very much into a flatline mode (as we call it).

Flatline is when neither of us is feeling particularly Dominant or submissive, as thorough readers of the blog will know, in the past we have both been submissive and Dominant at different stages, flatline is when we are neither.

When I last posted about change being in the air this is what I was referring to, the fact that at that time Claire was not my Domme, nor was I her sub. I started to change the blog layout; headings etc to reflect this and planned on posting something explaining this in more detail.

It had the potential of being quite an open and revealing post as I was going to thoroughly describe my thoughts feelings and emotions around the change, Claire was possibly going to do the same, as you can tell it didn’t happen.

Fast forward another week or so (it really does feel so much longer) and our flatline state was undergoing a slight change, Claire was beginning to feel flatline/submissive and I was slipping into flatline/Dominant mode. We went away last weekend and had a truly lovely break (thank you Claire), during which time we “played” a little to that effect (as we had done before going away) and both very much enjoyed it.

Since returning though this has flipped again and Claire is now flatline Dominant while I am flatline submissive, although that’s not strictly true. Unlike when it was the other way round, there is much less flatline this way round, possibly because we had spent many many months with me as her sub.

It is still very early days but as it stands at the moment it looks very much like it is business as usual (appalling use of a phrase I apologise lol) and we both seem to be picking up (tentatively but steadily) where we left off prior to the period of flatline that we went through.

It is still a case of watch this space as anything really could happen, we both know that now and are so lucky to be able to adapt to the other and situations as proficiently as we do  🙂

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