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‘…she had deep rooted concerns and fears…’

Ain’t that the truth?!

Still having them!


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Sticky Fingers

No I don’t mean that most excellent album by the Rolling Stones, I mean something else entirely, I’m sure the picture gives it away, I am of course talking about the effect doughnuts have 🙂

I’m sure everyone reading this post has at some point eaten a doughnut and experienced the “sticky finger” phenomenon, its common, by their very nature they are sticky (hold that thought)

As previously mentioned, Claire currently has me on a healthy eating plan (I know doughnuts aren’t healthy, bear with me), readers of a previous post will also know that sometimes I am allowed a treat , an addition to my food intake for the day, well this was one of those days.

As you can see in the picture, the doughnut itself has an addition, as if it wasn’t sticky enough already……………

We were shopping and I asked Claire if I could have a cake with my lunch, she agreed saying it would be a good idea, I thought no more of it, we paid for the shopping, went home and later on had lunch.

After Lunch Claire explained that in order for me to have my doughnut, I first had to wank for her and cum on it, so there I am, naked and on my knees before her, cumming on a doughnut, which I subsequently ate, of course.

  As you can see 🙂

What you cant see is the empty plate, after eating it all I thought it would be rude to not lick the plate clean, although I didn’t lick it clean, more scooped up any stray bits of cum (and icing, similar I guess lol) with my finger and fed upon them hungrily like a proper little cum slut, my training is coming along nicely with regards to all things cum related 🙂

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What a good boy

The last post was written by my boy because he was feeling sad. He was concerned that he wasn’t good enough and that he was ALWAYS disapponting me etc.

He mentioned this many times throughout that day.

After punishment, I told him it had been dealt with and that everything was all right now, but he didn’t seem to let that information sink in.

Sometimes it’s like banging one’s head against a brick wall!

He SHOULD have listened to me, SHOULD have snapped out of his sadness as soon as I said those things, but he didn’t.

He is very sensitive and takes ‘getting things wrong’ rather badly. He dwells and spends more time punishing himself over things than I do.

He went to bed Sunday night feeling low, no matter what I said. In his eyes, he had been bad and it was almost the end of the world.

Well, I have news for him.

He is not ‘a bad sub’ (his words). He is often cheeky and will push his luck at times but I enjoy that. He has a lovely sense of humour and that is displayed regularly. He knows his rules and 99% of the time he follows them.

Yesterday he phoned me very quickly while he was at work (he was supposed to be in a meeting) to ask if he could have a couple of chocolates someone had brought in. The week before, he had, without thinking, taken 2 to eat and then panicked afterwards as he is currently on a healthy eating plan I have devised for him. He got punished for it last week.

But this week there was no need as I gave permission.

He learnt his lesson.

Now THAT is what I call a GOOD SUB!

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I’m what you might call fussy, just a little, with my food I mean, very much so in fact.

I don’t eat salad (I don’t didn’t eat many things) but this (short) post is about salad, in particular tomatoes, you say tomato I say urgggh no thank you.

As you can see, the picture shows the remnants of a cheese sandwich (mmmmm) along with the remains of a tomato (not so mmmmm).

I say don’t eat salad (or tomato) and what I should really say is didn’t.

Claire loves her boy dearly and therefore wants what is best for him (always)…. (even if sometimes I don’t immediately see it or recognise it) and she has decided recently I need to start eating more healthily, so, I have been trying to. After all (and it goes without saying so I’m not sure why I am about to lol) but if it’s what Claire wants then of course it happens.

I will be honest (as ever) and say that I didn’t particular enjoy the tomato,  it did nothing for me at all, but knowing its what Claire wanted and that she was pleased that I was at least trying made it so much easier. The fact that me trying made Claire happy made me want to try all the harder, to make her proud of me is all that matters to me now 🙂

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