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fEeLiNg hOrNy

This is the best way to ‘describe’ it 😉


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gOiNg aWaY…

We are going away for the weekend in 3 weeks’ time. I’ve not been told where we are going and it’s driving me insane!

This has happened before. The location has been kept from me – it’s very exciting when that happens – but the control freak inside me NEEDS to know where I’ll be staying!

The other 2 times we went away, the dynamics were not like this so it feels even more frustrating now as a certain person knows how badly I’d like to know where we’ll be from the Friday to the Sunday.

I’ve been told it’s 2 hours, 6 minutes away and that it’s ‘near water’, but it’s not the sea. I’ve asked if it’s each of the counties that I feel are close enough – but I’ve been told ‘no’ to each one.

Time to get back on Google Maps.

I may be some time!

(This picture is nothing to do with the post but I really love my nipples so thought I’d show the world lol 🙂 )

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Creative fun

I have always had a bit of a kink re writing on skin.

As a child – a very vanilla-esque child for much of it (although not always) I loved writing on my friends’ arms at school. A rolled up blouse sleeve would suffice just nicely in a boring Maths lesson. Even better was my younger sister’s leg/back/face (hahaha) – bless her.

But now I have my little boy to write on if I wish to. This is a breath of fresh air. For some time I was in a (vanilla) relationship where the man I lived with hated the idea of being written on. The mere idea of ink being within 6 feet of his very being was enough to send him into spasms.


But, as I say, I now have my own little boy toy to play with and to write on if I fancy it.

And how happy am I…?

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