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Creative fun

I have always had a bit of a kink re writing on skin.

As a child – a very vanilla-esque child for much of it (although not always) I loved writing on my friends’ arms at school. A rolled up blouse sleeve would suffice just nicely in a boring Maths lesson. Even better was my younger sister’s leg/back/face (hahaha) – bless her.

But now I have my little boy to write on if I wish to. This is a breath of fresh air. For some time I was in a (vanilla) relationship where the man I lived with hated the idea of being written on. The mere idea of ink being within 6 feet of his very being was enough to send him into spasms.


But, as I say, I now have my own little boy toy to play with and to write on if I fancy it.

And how happy am I…?


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Act your age

I have been asked to explain the previous post (here) in more detail, actually I have been TOLD to explain it in a LOT more detail (to be fair it was a very brief post) well here goes…..


The post itself is actually linked to the contents of the post before it (this one) and it serves to highlight how much my “little boy” persona has been taken to a whole new level.

Initially when Claire asked me to suck my thumb for her I was quite shocked, actually that’s not the right word, I was taken aback, that’s a better description.  I am aware of the whole infantilism and age play scenarios that many indulge in but never once considered it would be something that “floated my boat” (for want of a better description) its never been a hard limit so it wasn’t something I wouldn’t do, it just never struck me as being something I would even mildly enjoy if I experienced it.

How wrong one can be 🙂

As the earlier post explains sucking my thumb at various times and in various situations brings a whole feast of rewards, well its not just the thumb sucking it’s the whole mindset it evokes and effect it has on me but all of that has been surpassed by something else. The thumb sucking is still allowed and encouraged but something new has been introduced, something amazing.

Now, as a reward for being a particularly good boy for Claire, or when she senses I need the added comfort and security it brings she puts me on her breast. She has even purchased a nursing bra to facilitate her little boys suckling more easily and ensure her wonderful nipples and breast are more accessible to him when she deems he should be on them.

All of this has the effect of TRULY turning me into “her little boy” hence the phrase  “I love my mummy” when I’m on Claire’s breast,  suckling away happily and I look up into her eyes as she looks down proudly at her little boy I think to myself exactly that, I love my mummy sooooooooooooooooooooo much, she truly is adorable.

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Before I start I should explain that the pic isn’t me nor do I look like that or have a security blanket (a security something else yes, but I will come to that later) however, I feel it is a relevant pic for this post.

Recently Claire has been encouraging me to suck my thumb (something I haven’t done since I was a child) in various situations and she has also allowed me to have a small cuddly toy to cuddle as well (Florence) …. (Ahhhh, she’s so cute)…. (Florence I mean)…. (and Claire of course but in a different way lol)

The effect of either one of these things would be (and is) quite powerful on its own but when combined, wow, totally mind  blowing.

When she asks me to hug Florence tight while sucking my thumb for her I immediately go into that special magical place, it truly is wonderful. The safety and security it provides me is incomparable and the effect it has on me is immense, it totally reinforces the fact that I am her boy completely, her special little boy that she loves and cherishes dearly, I really am a very lucky boy indeed.

I never envisaged when embarking on my journey into submission that I would gain such delight and reward from things like that, if someone had tried to explain the pleasure they get from sucking their thumb (unless they were under 6 years old, for example lol) I would have never understood it, of course I do now, gosh do I, its truly amazing in so many ways and firmly keeps me in the mindset of being her little boy while also allowing me to explore and develop those feelings safely and with her guidance and support, mmmmmm, bliss.

The introduction of Florence has been lovely too and I find myself wanting to hug and cuddle up to her instinctively now, I don’t need to be asked or told or even encouraged, I just do it, I want to do it, need to do it at times.

Recently I had a bit of a “bratty sub” moment and I was threatened with having Florence taken away for a period of time if my attitude didn’t change instantly, it did, straight away, the mere thought of me not being able to cuddle Florence terrified me, I hugged her so tightly for a while afterwards, almost afraid to put her down in case she was taken from me, very powerful indeed.

 Thank you Claire 🙂 x

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