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Sticky Fingers

No I don’t mean that most excellent album by the Rolling Stones, I mean something else entirely, I’m sure the picture gives it away, I am of course talking about the effect doughnuts have 🙂

I’m sure everyone reading this post has at some point eaten a doughnut and experienced the “sticky finger” phenomenon, its common, by their very nature they are sticky (hold that thought)

As previously mentioned, Claire currently has me on a healthy eating plan (I know doughnuts aren’t healthy, bear with me), readers of a previous post will also know that sometimes I am allowed a treat , an addition to my food intake for the day, well this was one of those days.

As you can see in the picture, the doughnut itself has an addition, as if it wasn’t sticky enough already……………

We were shopping and I asked Claire if I could have a cake with my lunch, she agreed saying it would be a good idea, I thought no more of it, we paid for the shopping, went home and later on had lunch.

After Lunch Claire explained that in order for me to have my doughnut, I first had to wank for her and cum on it, so there I am, naked and on my knees before her, cumming on a doughnut, which I subsequently ate, of course.

  As you can see 🙂

What you cant see is the empty plate, after eating it all I thought it would be rude to not lick the plate clean, although I didn’t lick it clean, more scooped up any stray bits of cum (and icing, similar I guess lol) with my finger and fed upon them hungrily like a proper little cum slut, my training is coming along nicely with regards to all things cum related 🙂


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More on my LBD


In my last post I told you all about my LDB and mentioned how the look of it is transformed when I wear tights with it, you can see what I mean if you look at the images in the gallery that Claire wanted me to have on the blog.

While I’m on the subject I have a feeling that section of the blog could expand quite rapidly, Claire absolutely loves taking pics of me and has scary amounts (that are ever increasing) and I detect she is very keen for me to be on show in various ways for the world to see.

Anyway, back to the LBD, as I had mentioned how it looked better with tights Claire thought I should post with a few pics (Claire told me which and there are more in the gallery) of me in my LBD but without the black tights, just the dress itself (well, and nipple clamps in one pic) but other than that nothing else.

I have no doubt there will be further pics of the LDB in the future, but in saying that, I genuinely have no idea what may or may not be the next thing that Claire wants me to post about or put in the gallery.

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Early bath time fun

This picture doesn’t have anything to do with this post, I just really like it at the moment 😉

I’ve given my boy a small task tonight – he’s to upload 8 (I think) pictures that I’ve taken of him recently. As of yet, he doesn’t know exactly what the pictures are… bless him. The one I’m thinking about in particular he actually took himself but I’ve been in possession of it for a while now.

He took it while in the bath. I didn’t ask for it. He hadn’t told me he was going to take it… he just did. Cheeky, huh?!

I like it because it’s the first time I saw anything inserted into him anally – just his fingers. It’s not particularly graphic. It’s actually rather sweet in my opinion.

But he doesn’t know I want him to read this post later and add that picture.

He’ll find that ever so slightly embarrassing.

I suppose there IS a slight link between the picture up the top and the subject of the post after all 😉

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Men in Tights


No I’m not referring to the 1993 Robin Hood spoof of the same name, I’m not even referring to men either, just one man, me, the “in tights” bit was accurate though, perhaps I should explain……

I’m not sure quite how much I should explain (although in saying that I also know Claire would expect and say EVERYTHING so I guess I just answered my own question)

A while ago I published a very short post and said I would explain more at a later date, well, today is a later date, literally and metaphorically so explain I will (as best I can lol)

A few of the earlier posts (123) have already alluded to (or just plain commented on) the sort of things that Claire likes to “see me in” sometimes and she has even taken me out shopping for various things too (a subject that is bound to be the basis for one if not more future posts)….(but I wont cover here as I’m instructed to keep to the point)…(so back to the point of the post)

I now have various items of clothing etc for when I’m, how do I phrase it, not quite myself, I think its good for a man to be in touch with his feminine side, its just that, well, maybe at times I’m a little too in touch. The irony of it being is that physically to look at me its clear I’m a masculine looking male, as opposed to a guy that is slightly built or could carry that particular look off semi convincingly, according to Claire THAT is the point and the biggest part of the visual appeal to her 🙂

I really should get to the point or I will end up in trouble……..

 The tights, well, one of the things I now own is my LBD (little black dress) describing it like that makes it sound almost sweet and glamorous, its not, its slutty, very slutty in fact, according to Claire its the sort of dress that any obedient slut who is told what to wear and how to dress would have in the wardrobe, so I do.

When I have those black tights on (60 denier, work perfect as thick enough to cover the fact I have hairy manly legs yet thin enough to feel absolutely wonderful on, and to the touch) the whole look of my LBD is transformed, totally, especially from the back (no tell tale bulge lol) although even from the front it looks completely different, without the black tights the look is nowhere near as good, with them, well………..

Wearing them with my LBD also intensifies my sluttiness, I really do lose control of myself, I become a depraved slut that desperately craves ANY sort of attention, it has quite an effect on me that LBD does, in fact, I am going to ask Claire if I can have something else to wear too, I will post a pic by way of drawing this post to a close, although like many other posts I’m sure its got lots of points that will require further explanation or greater detail at some point.

I love this necklace and I’m hoping that maybe if I’m a really good boy (and/or obedient, wanton slut) then one day I may be allowed to have it (or one like it)

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…but tomorrow I am going to relax and sip tea while my lovely sub cleans the wooden floors.

He’ll have his chastity device on, he’ll be collared and handcuffed……

…….and I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job of it 😉

As a reward, when we go into town afterwards, he can wear some pretty knickers.

I’m a very kind Domme 😉

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For the first time the other day I watched my sub attempt to do some ironing. He needed some guidance, obviously, but I’d like to think that at some point I could have him do the ironing, naked, with a full bottom, maybe wearing one of his ‘pretty’ outfits……..

…………while I sip wine and read a good book……… 


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Although in all fairness to Claire, I don’t have to be a naughty boy to get spanked, it may just be for Claire’s amusement or because she wants to see my red cheeks, although the recent 2 (the 2 I will describe) were because I was naughty, well not necessarily naughty, but had failed to complete a set task, actually one was due to me being naughty and a little insolent, I will get on with it now, don’t want to risk incurring another one.

Actually before I start I should explain that technically neither was a traditional spanking (as in hand on bottom) because an implement was used each time, so one was a whipping and the other was a, well, I’m not sure what you call it, made my cheeks red though.

So the first one, I was naked and on all 4s on the stool in the lounge (that is a focal point for much of our play) with my wrists cuffed and the cuffs secured to the coffee table by a further chain, I was going nowhere, oh, I was gagged as well.

So there I am, VERY exposed with my bare bottom in the air and at a perfect height for Claire (who is standing behind me) to access.

I should explain at this point that she absolutely adores butterflies so a while back I had bought her a butterfly tipped crop (I know, silly of me lol) and it was this that was in her hand as she stood behind me.

After what seemed an age, she started; the butterfly came into contact with my bare bottom, again and again and again………… I think I will describe the second of the 2 latest spankings now; I can then go into more detail about certain things that are common themes………….

Once again the stool was involved and of course I was gagged (probably for the best, we get on ok with the neighbours and it would be a shame to ruin it) but this time no restraints, just me on all 4s on the stool, also this time there was no cute little butterfly (well it is to look at even if it doesn’t feel it on your bottom) this time it was the tawse, far from cute looking, a scary looking thing in fact and also a totally different feel from the crop, still a very red bottom though, something I’m sure Claire will want me to upload pics of at some point in the future, well she is quite proud of her handy work, the look on her face when looking at the redness would suggest so anyway lol (and of course she is also proud her boys bare bottom too, freshly spanked or not)

Anyway, back to the current post….

As much as it pains (no pun intended) me to say and admit to and I will no doubt regret saying it lol, I actually enjoy suffering for Claire (in any way) the spanking being a case in point, as much as it hurts at the time and I really want it to stop, I know how much she is enjoying it, enjoying seeing my ever reddening cheeks and taking pride in her boy for he is suffering for her, pushing himself for her, its almost like one of those never ending circles, the more it hurts, the more I push myself and the more my suffering and redness pleases her, thus pleasing me and ultimately (if not at the time lol) makes me happy, pleasing Claire and making her happy really is the best thing ever 🙂

I could (and no doubt should)……(no I’m not angling for another punishment honest lol) add more and go into more detail about my bare bottom and what happens when it gets red, I’m sure at some point I will, but for now I will stop as I don’t want the post to be too long and rambling, plus I’m desperate for a cup of tea and some chocolate, bye for now……….

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