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I. Enjoy. Being. A. Slut. #1

I think it’s important to be happy about these things 😉

Clearly, the woman in this picture is delighted to be a slut. And who can blame her?

I like to imagine that the arm of the man we can see to our left, her right, is her husband’s. He may have introduced her to these 2 men we can see and their wives at some terribly important ‘do’.

‘Tom and Elizabeth, Harry and Jayne, I’d like you to meet my wife, Claire.’

Hellos all round.

‘Would Elizabeth and Jayne like to come and chat to me for a while, while I leave Claire in your capable hands? Lovely, I thought they would. By the way,’ he looks at Tom and Harry, ‘Claire is a bit of a slut,’ he says with a wink.

Claire’s husband motions for Elizabeth and Jayne to come and stand close to him. They can see the outline of his erect cock through his smart black trousers and are dying to touch. As Jayne walks past him and goes to the other side of Elizabeth, the back of her hand brushes the fabric and she feels the outline of the head sticking out, proudly, and smiles shyly. She wouldn’t normally do that type of thing. Obviously.

Elizabeth sees what just happened and is jealous. She wants a go.

Claire turns to face Tom and Harry. ‘Erm… hello.’

Harry starts chatting about pointless things. Tom smiles a lot and watches the nervous expression on Claire’s face. They both can’t quite believe that sweet-looking Claire is a slut. But they want to find out just how much of a slut she is.



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