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For my boy…

This says it all xx


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Claire is happy

Not only have I got my lovely boy back, I’m also teaching him how to properly dry and straighten my hair which is a wonderful process.

He’s never really had the chance to do this before so it’s rather like teaching a small, rather clumsy child to do it… which is a touch worrying with straighteners!

He’s doing very well though and I’m terribly proud of him. He started by whining that he couldn’t do it, but now he’ll pick up the straighteners and get to it. It’s not an easy task as I have long hair and it needs properly separating into sections etc.

Yesterday when he did it, I told him to do it naked.

This is what I had for entertainment while he did my hair.

Claire is VERY happy 😉

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What a good boy

The last post was written by my boy because he was feeling sad. He was concerned that he wasn’t good enough and that he was ALWAYS disapponting me etc.

He mentioned this many times throughout that day.

After punishment, I told him it had been dealt with and that everything was all right now, but he didn’t seem to let that information sink in.

Sometimes it’s like banging one’s head against a brick wall!

He SHOULD have listened to me, SHOULD have snapped out of his sadness as soon as I said those things, but he didn’t.

He is very sensitive and takes ‘getting things wrong’ rather badly. He dwells and spends more time punishing himself over things than I do.

He went to bed Sunday night feeling low, no matter what I said. In his eyes, he had been bad and it was almost the end of the world.

Well, I have news for him.

He is not ‘a bad sub’ (his words). He is often cheeky and will push his luck at times but I enjoy that. He has a lovely sense of humour and that is displayed regularly. He knows his rules and 99% of the time he follows them.

Yesterday he phoned me very quickly while he was at work (he was supposed to be in a meeting) to ask if he could have a couple of chocolates someone had brought in. The week before, he had, without thinking, taken 2 to eat and then panicked afterwards as he is currently on a healthy eating plan I have devised for him. He got punished for it last week.

But this week there was no need as I gave permission.

He learnt his lesson.

Now THAT is what I call a GOOD SUB!

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