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Dreaming of sucking

If I’m honest, this is all I can think about at the moment.

I won’t be seeing THE most amazing man in the whole wide world, in private, until Thursday.


Can you imagine?!?!?!?!

I am constantly thinking about his cock. I can’t help it. We went round to my parents’ yesterday and I desperately wanted to get him alone, rip his clothes off and do naughty things……. but I’m not sure my aging parents would have wanted that somehow.

Also… I’m hardly in the position to do the ripping… but the desperation to see him naked and to touch him… wow.

On Thursday I am not allowed to wear any underwear when he arrives. My poor nipples will be screaming at him!


(Keeping my fingers crossed that my wisdom tooth isn’t troublesome.)


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Claire is happy

Not only have I got my lovely boy back, I’m also teaching him how to properly dry and straighten my hair which is a wonderful process.

He’s never really had the chance to do this before so it’s rather like teaching a small, rather clumsy child to do it… which is a touch worrying with straighteners!

He’s doing very well though and I’m terribly proud of him. He started by whining that he couldn’t do it, but now he’ll pick up the straighteners and get to it. It’s not an easy task as I have long hair and it needs properly separating into sections etc.

Yesterday when he did it, I told him to do it naked.

This is what I had for entertainment while he did my hair.

Claire is VERY happy 😉

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