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More detail

I have been asked told to go into more detail about this post ( I was actually asked a few days ago but just haven’t been able to what with work commitments and developing my slutty side, sorry Claire) anyway, here goes…..

Ummmm, ok…… ummmm, right…..

Being plugged, actually anything anal, getting quite hooked on it, I’m finding I actually crave it and request it now. Before it was very much a take it or leave it thing (probably very much a male thing, for a lot of males anyway)……(the whole, don’t want things inside my bottom “its not right” feeling, contrasted with the “mmmm that feels good do it again/more/deeper/faster” feeling)……(told you I we had been developing my slutty side)

So I guess you could say I’m becoming an addict, certainly addicted to that lovely full feeling I get when I’m plugged, mmmmm how good is that (very) and I’m loving the psychology of how my thoughts and feelings towards being plugged (and anal play in general) are changing and evolving due to a combination of me learning to “let go” and allow myself to be totally free and of course the input and hard work that Claire is putting into my training and development.

Thank you Claire x

ps this topic will most certainly be revisited, again

 pps, I know the image bears no relation to the post content (something I always try to do, even if in a rather abstract way) but I stumbled on that particular image while looking for something else and absolutely adore it (have put it in the images section too)


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Are you sitting comfortably

Claire has recently been “expanding” (no pun intended) my horizons in a particular way, I say she has been, as with many things we do (I do) it’s me that’s been actually doing it, well  predominantly so, me doing the physical act but obviously under Claire’s guidance and with her encouragement and ultimately (again with everything we do) it IS Claire that is expanding my horizons, or at least helping me to expand them with her.

I suppose I should explain now, I have waffled enough (I’m supposed to keep posts succinct and understandable (sorry Claire).

First of all the pic accompanying the post, well I remember way back when (the 80’s lol) there were a plethora of t shirts seen roaming around with that particular slogan on them and when thinking of a suitable post for this pic I remembered said saying and thought it was ideal.

Claire often likes to ensure I’m anally plugged at various times while we have been playing, never for very long, and often it will be a fair while between plugging (for want of a better description) but the concept of having a butt plug in me is not a new one, recently however this has been taken to a new level.

She is “encouraging” me to stay plugged much more often and for much longer periods, not even when playing either, a lot of the time when just going about ordinary every day things or as I watch tele and relax.

Now, here’s the thing, initially, I found it odd (of course I didn’t question it lol) but I found it odd, I was also reluctant, especially as when I am normally plugged, for shorter periods while playing I was never particularly comfortable (I know that’s not necessarily the idea) and couldn’t wait for it to be removed.


I soon discovered that once a certain amount of time has passed far from wanting it out, I want it to stay in, I don’t want it removed, I like my bottom being full, I’m beginning to find myself actually wanting to be plugged, even pleading to be and being disappointed when its time for it to come out.

A total turnaround you can say, now, I’m not sure if this is because I’m doing as Frankie said all those years ago and relaxing, or if (and much more likely) Claire is subtly training me to be this way, but whatever it is and wherever its heading (she has already made sure I have a bigger size plug and a new dildo ordered and on their way) I’m learning to lo let go and go with it, despite initial concerns and resistance, after all, if Claire wants me a certain way its because it pleases her and brings her pleasure and that is the only thing that is important 🙂

Just like I stated in this previous post I should no doubt go into more detail about this current subject and probaby will at some point, but for now I wil stop rambling 🙂

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