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Dreaming of sucking

If I’m honest, this is all I can think about at the moment.

I won’t be seeing THE most amazing man in the whole wide world, in private, until Thursday.


Can you imagine?!?!?!?!

I am constantly thinking about his cock. I can’t help it. We went round to my parents’ yesterday and I desperately wanted to get him alone, rip his clothes off and do naughty things……. but I’m not sure my aging parents would have wanted that somehow.

Also… I’m hardly in the position to do the ripping… but the desperation to see him naked and to touch him… wow.

On Thursday I am not allowed to wear any underwear when he arrives. My poor nipples will be screaming at him!


(Keeping my fingers crossed that my wisdom tooth isn’t troublesome.)


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gOiNg aWaY…

We are going away for the weekend in 3 weeks’ time. I’ve not been told where we are going and it’s driving me insane!

This has happened before. The location has been kept from me – it’s very exciting when that happens – but the control freak inside me NEEDS to know where I’ll be staying!

The other 2 times we went away, the dynamics were not like this so it feels even more frustrating now as a certain person knows how badly I’d like to know where we’ll be from the Friday to the Sunday.

I’ve been told it’s 2 hours, 6 minutes away and that it’s ‘near water’, but it’s not the sea. I’ve asked if it’s each of the counties that I feel are close enough – but I’ve been told ‘no’ to each one.

Time to get back on Google Maps.

I may be some time!

(This picture is nothing to do with the post but I really love my nipples so thought I’d show the world lol 🙂 )

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Not in excess (or INXS) …….. (that lot with the famed lead singer, the “did he or didn’t he die of autoerotic asphyxiation” one)  nor do I mean to excess (no group of that name)……(although there no doubt is, probably an INXS tribute band, not looked but bound to be)

No, the excess I refer to is the excess time that has lapsed since the last post appeared on this blog, over a month, inexcusable behaviour, there was actually only one post in the whole of May (but then you probably know that if you are still tuning in) like I said, appallingly inexcusable and unforgivable, ok, I’m probably overdoing it (just slightly lol) but I was surprised when I realised how long it’s been since the last post.

I have been meaning to post for a few weeks (Claire herself has been meaning to as well) but things really are hectic at the moment, for both Claire and me, hence the sporadic nature of posts at present.

As a (brief) update, things between us have been amazingly excellent (as always) but incredibly busy in a vanilla sense, we are both hopeful that in a few months when things settle down and we are properly together then some sort of sustained pattern may emerge, either way we will both be much more relaxed, at ease and most importantly together 24/7 which is the main thing.

For now we have both been predominantly flatline, although for a period of a few weeks we did maintain the Claire Dominant Paul submissive pattern that I alluded to in the last post, but since then we have both at times been Dominant and at other times submissive, I know that may be confusing for those sticking with the blog and still reading this (thank you) and for both of us it was initially a little confusing but we are both very comfortable with it now, it suits both our needs/wants at present (given the demands our vanilla lives are currently placing on us) and it is enhancing our knowledge of each other (and ourselves) greatly and bringing us even closer together, so all in all its really rather good, we are both incredibly lucky to be so secure and in tune with each other that we can adapt to things around us and react accordingly, making very little sense now am I lol……………..

On that note I will finish the post, to recap (so you know what’s happening, sort of) at present I am not Claire’s boy (full time, only on occasions), nor is she my girl (though on brief occasions she has been) we are both very much flatline and sporadically responding to cues we are each feeling or the other is sending, I’m still making no sense am I……. Suffice to say our love for each other is incredibly strong and growing all the time (apologies if it sounds corny but it’s true)

Ps in case you wondered my nipple is fully recovered and able to partake in any play required of it (as we found out earlier today lol) I think a similar thing would suit Claire (that will provoke a response) ………………………. 🙂

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I think I have made my point, talking of which………………..

Well, one of them does, point I mean, obviously though both do, after all, its the one thing you can rely on a nipple to do isn’t it, point, maybe not always, but I’m sure we all have nipples that have at one time or other pointed, going off topic a bit sorry.

Actually I’m not, this is another post about nipples I’m afraid, no, I’m not obsessed (well ok maybe a little but that’s another post for another time) this post is just a quick update on my own (nipples) well nipple to be more precise but I would hate for (the non pierced) one to get a complex and think it wasn’t as important or loved as much hence me saying nipples, not nipple.

I feel I should also say that I am not attempting to set a new record for the number of times the word nipple (or nipples) is said in a post either, its just me trying to explain myself, honest.

So this nipple, I mean these nipples, well as the pic says, they are happy, my name is Paul and I have happy nipples 🙂

Is there a support group for people with happy nipples, I don’t know, maybe, maybe unhappy nipples, my name is Paul and I have unhappy nipples, I don’t, obviously, I just said that for effect.

Moving on…………… at the risk of alienating my right (your left)….(not yours)…(as you look at it I mean) nipple, my left (your right)….(must be nice to always be right) nipple is quite a happy one (they both are for different reasons).

It is healing nicely, looking very healthy (and happy) and causing very minimal discomfort, to the extent that any discomfort is actually quite pleasurable now, that’s the level its reached. I have just got out the bath (I do love a bath) and undertook my nightly clean (there is a morning one too) and it was actually quite pleasant, prior to now cleaning has been an uncomfortable chore due to the discomfort caused when “tampering and fiddling” with the bar, thankfully this stage has passed, I cant wait for the morning when I can clean it again lol.

So as not to neglect my right (your left) nipple, wearing thin isn’t it sorry, not my nipple, that would be awful, I mean the my left your right stuff, I will stop………….. I have……..

My right nipple is actually as happy as my left (pierced) nipple, the reason for this is simple, due to the freshness of the piercing the left nipple is out of bounds so to speak, Claire is being incredibly kind and not tormenting it at all, this therefore means the right nipple takes the brunt of any frustration is the centre of any attention directed towards my nipples, all in all 2 very happy nipples.

2 very happy nipples attached to an incredibly happy sub 🙂 thank you Claire 🙂 for everything 🙂

PS the nipple count was nipples 12 and nipple 14, can you imagine……………..

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Nore Sipple

This will probably be quite a lengthy (for me) post as Claire wants a great amount of detail on the day etc so if you don’t “do” words and prefer to just “do” pictures then scroll to the end and you can see another.

For those still reading, get comfy and I will begin.

I have already explained the story behind the piercing in yesterdays short but factual piece and this post will no doubt elaborate on that but it will also go into the days events in more detail, it will also cover any post piercing topics it stumbles across.

I will actually start the night before, well I thought it best to prepare said area for its impending invasion, so removed the hair from around it, I thought this would not only aid the piercer to mark the area properly and see what he was doing but more importantly ensure I’m less likely to get anything nasty happening to it (infection wise) while it heals. The mere thought of the end of a hair finding its way into the wound or entwining itself on the bar is not a pleasant one so I am happy to have one hairy chest and one less so for a month or so until it grows back (my sensible headed sub side coming to the fore) so shave it I did, as you can see lol.

The day itself came around and I admit to feeling rather nervous and apprehensive in the morning, not because of what the piercing symbolised or stood for, I absolutely loved (and still do love, even more now) that thought but because of the actual process, the mechanicals of it. I am sure I have mentioned in a previous post that I am becoming a bit of a pain slut at times (if not I will cover it in a future one) but having read various things etc (hence the pre thought to shave) I knew it wasn’t a pleasant procedure, well lets be honest, its a rather sensitive area and its not designed to have a tubular hole made through it. So I was anticipating some discomfort.

The majority of people seem to say that initially when the needle goes through the pain is minimal, shortly after this the piercing is introduced and this can be a little more painful as the endorphins reduce (after the initial flooding of the area) and then it can be very sore for anything from a few hours to several days (depending on who you talk to) but, everyone is different, every piercing is different, every piercer is different and of course boys and girls every nipple is different lol.

So anyway, we decided to go for a drink as we had a bit of time to kill while I waited for my appointment and I decided that along with my hot chocolate I would haver a rather large cookie (I do love sweet things) I needed a sugar rush to get me through my anxiety, I was getting myself in quite a state as Claire will testify lol.

I suppose I should also explain at this point that I have, since I was in my teens, had a bit of a “thing” about certain medical procedures, nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but it does still resurface at times, and that is exactly what it was doing.

We left the coffee shop and headed to the studio, we went in, the receptionist told the piercer we were there and told us to take a seat in the waiting area. While we were sitting and waiting Claire could tell my apprehension was building and was the most wonderfully supportive, caring and encouraging Domme (and friend) a person could wish to have (this support etc continues later but I will get to that) she guided and encouraged me enough without being dictatorial about it, still allowing me to back out but knowing that I didn’t want that and needed that final push, she gauged it perfectly (she is perfect). We had already discussed this I hasten to add, a few times, so she knew how much I wanted it (we both did) and knew I would need a bit of coaxing at some point.

The piercer emerged and called me into the room, we discussed what I wanted, the bar was selected, the procedure explained and then commenced. It started with him marking the area while I stood up prior to me laying on the couch for the piercing to actually take place.

At first a clamp is applied to the area around the nipple, this has the effect of pinching the skin together and is not entirely unpleasant, more than bearable in fact, I should also add before I go further that I declined any sort of numbing/anaesthesia type stuff prior to things starting, it quickens and assists the healing process if you don’t apparently, although having it does make the procedure more comfortable, obviously lol.

So there I lay. Nipple gripped by a thing that grips nipples, waiting, for the needle, didn’t look down, didn’t want to see, wasn’t actually waiting long at all, then, OMG.

That will be the needle going in then will it, that intense pain I can feel in my left breast, I instinctively took a sharp intake of breath and was advised to breath out and breath properly, which I did and it helped, although I was breathing rather noisily apparently. Claire later said she wondered what I was doing as she could hear me frantically inhaling and exhaling from outside lol.

Next the bar went in, not so bad, I say not so bad, I mean not so bad as the needle, then the ends of the bar were put on, even better still (that’s not to say it didn’t hurt, it was just getting easier) and that was it, all done.

That’s not the end of the story though, I sat up after a while (best to lay still for a bit the body had just endured quite a shock) then stood up, walked to the mirror and myself and the piercer were admiring his handiwork. I then thought, actually I will just lean against the couch for a bit, I feel a bit light headed, I’m ok, just not ready to walk to far just yet, next thing I recall hearing is him saying to me “you better lay down for a bit” to which I reply yeah I will (already laying back on the couch by now) and saying to him, I nearly went then, he replied “you did go”.

At this stage Claire comes in, hearing that something had happened and sees her boy laying on the couch topless with a face as white as a very very white thing thats been bleached and a forehead covered in beads of sweat (what a catch eh). She kindly popped to the shop next door to get me a nice sugary drink and within 5 minutes I was fine and we left.

On the way back to the car and for the rest of the afternoon (and today, though less so today as she realised it wasn’t quite as necessary) Claire was so caring and comforting towards me, I truly am the luckiest sub in the whole wide world.

As for the piercing, its really quite happy and healthy, it looks good, is causing no problems thus far and only minimal discomfort at certain (ever decreasing) times. I should add that I am an incredible wimp with a very low pain threshold and part (if not most) of the passing out was due to my underlying phobia so please don’t be put off having something similar if you are considering it, as I said everyone is different and it really wasn’t that bad pain wise, nor is it now 36 hours later.

Thank you for listening, I’m off now to eat chocolate and drink cider (my food and alcohol restrictions were lifted by Claire for a 48hr period following my piercing) and I aim to make the most of it 🙂

p.s. The title post, well it came about as we were really having a lot of fun today and being rather silly at times (it was lovely) and the phrase nore sipple was coined, the post really could be called nothing else.

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Deep Breath………

  ………… and relax……….. or at least try to 🙂

I will continue this post tomorrow when I have the accompanying evidence your honour but for now I wanted to post briefly.

Prior to today and ever since Claire kindly accepted my submission I have worn a bracelet to symbolise my submission to her, a bracelet she asked me to make and a bracelet in my colours, I have my own colours that are linked to my submission to Claire.

Recently though we have been talking about a replacement for the bracelet, not that there is anything wrong with it, far from it, but in recognition of my now long term status (initially I thought I may be her sub for a matter of weeks or a few months at the most)….(I accept that is not the case now and I will hopefully remain her sub for much much longer) we decided on a more permanent symbolic gesture.

Today that symbolic gesture was completed and I now no longer wear a bracelet permanently on my wrist but a piercing in my nipple.

I will post more about this (probably tomorrow) but for now (and being a typically wimpy male lol) I’m going to get settled for the night as I have a little discomfort and want to try and have as restful a night as possible.

A few points I have made or commented on in this post I will return to at some point, aside from the actually subject matter of course, I will cover that (with pics) again very soon.

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