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My girl really does….

Its now 45 days since girl offered her submission to me and I have to say I’m very pleased with her attitude thus far and very pleased with her in general 🙂

The reasons behind her submission to me on this occasion will not be gone in to at this time, at least not by me, but I will say that one particular aspect of this process (or more the reason behind it) did cause girl some dread, she had deep rooted concerns and fears (and still has to an extent though lessening as time passes) however, she has adapted incredibly well and is starting to accept what I want to achieve, what I want her to achieve and as a result I am very VERY proud of her, she is pleasing me greatly with her approach towards certain things and thus making me very happy indeed 🙂

My first post since the “change around” and a brief one but I wanted my girl to know how proud of her I am, how happy she makes me and how loved and cherished she is, she must never forget that.


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