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No, I don’t mean like that, well actually I have been doing that too, just sent Claire a video of me wanking, that’s one of my rules, I have to do so every week, regardless of whether I am with her not.

The “playing” I referred to in the title however was not that one, I meant playing with the blog (again)

This time I have added a new tab ^^^^^^^ up the top there, a tab that links to a new section that details my “current” rules, these are obviously subject to change and often evaluated and reviewed, with changes being made where necessary. The changes may be a “slight tweak” or a dropping of the rule completely, its dependent on many things and I’m sure that at times certain rules or rule changes will be mentioned in posts anyway, but we thought it was time the rules had their own section.

The section differs slightly from the ongoing activities one in that they are everyday rules that can and do change, as opposed to fixed activities that are ever present (until Claire decides otherwise of course)

I have also amalgamated (that’s a lovely word) the My Domme and My Sub sections into the More About Us section as it makes the bar at the top look so much tidier, we do like tidy 🙂


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