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Ch ch ch ch changes…..

Yet again a long gap in posts, hopefully this will be less so now, now that “changes are coming” or to be more accurate MAY be coming, we wont know yet, not for 7 days.

It is however time for change (hence the clock in the pic, I do think about this stuff you know, I don’t just make it up as go along…..) So I have made several changes to the blog layout, well not so much the layout, more the tabs along the top and a few other bits, some juggling and tweaking, that’s been long overdue.

I know I could have called this post changes without the additional ch ch’s but I came all over over all David Bowie and when I thought of the word changes I couldn’t help but think of the song.

Moving on, the blog now has more of a resemblance of how it will be looking for a while, possibly with some further additions and tweaking but nothing major, although the header pic may well change soon, depends what happens in 7 days.

Just to update you briefly on the events of the past month (since last post) Claire and I have been continuing to be predominantly flatline, with the occasional play, well, until recently, we are now at the stage where things may well change from that and one of us will be offering their submission to to the other for a period of time.

We are still not together properly, but that is getting ever closer and I can’t wait, the change that may be occurring we were hoping to wait until we were together to instigate (or allow to develop) but situations may cause it to be sooner, all I can say is watch this space (apologies, a corny saying, but quite apt)



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Desertion of duty

Or as the picture emphasises, rolling tumbleweed…………….

Not that it is a duty, I was coining a phrase, as opposed to coining a car which is malicious and spiteful, anyway, moving on…………..

It’s been too long (again) but I won’t make lots of apologies,  excuses and comments about there only being one post in a month the way I did in the last post (the only of that month too) it would be far too tedious for those that are still occasionally popping in for an update.

What I will say though is that during this month there will be some changes (to the blog, layout etc) at least, well that’s what I aim to do anyway (or I may get someone to help me, hint hint)

It’s unlikely there will be any changes re Claire and me, we are still incredibly wrapped up in our separate “vanilla” lives and still predominantly flatline, though both continuing to have a little dabble at either being submissive or dominant at times. It gets quite entertaining when neither is feeling particularly submissive but both are feeling the opposite, oh the battles fun we have lol. We are both still incredibly happy and in love too which is wonderful 🙂

We both really want to keep the blog ticking over until such a time that things settle down for us (should hopefully only be another few months) and then things will no doubt find some sort of natural balance (wont they pet) … (couldn’t resist lol) so over the next few weeks I want to try and change the look of the blog, headings, sections etc to more reflect the current status quo (no, not the group) and also so that those of you still tuning in have something different to look at, even if it’s the same but in a different place it will be different, wont it? Not sure, confusing myself now, time to go I think…………

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The tone and content of this (next intended) post has changed several times over the past few weeks. I will try to explain as best I can without boring you all to tears…………………………….

Initially when I posted the last (change is in the air) post the subsequent post was going to be somewhat different to this one, there was also a stage when it could have been entirely different again, what do you mean I am making little sense, ok, fair comment, let me try to make some sort of start on an explanation.

A few weeks ago Claire and I were going through quite a difficult, actually difficult is not the right word, ummmm, strained, better but still not right, demanding, thats it, quite a demanding time in our respective “vanilla” lives, not with our relationship I hasten to add, that goes from strength to strength, but the demands our individual (not as Claire and Paul) lives were placing led to us both slipping very much into a flatline mode (as we call it).

Flatline is when neither of us is feeling particularly Dominant or submissive, as thorough readers of the blog will know, in the past we have both been submissive and Dominant at different stages, flatline is when we are neither.

When I last posted about change being in the air this is what I was referring to, the fact that at that time Claire was not my Domme, nor was I her sub. I started to change the blog layout; headings etc to reflect this and planned on posting something explaining this in more detail.

It had the potential of being quite an open and revealing post as I was going to thoroughly describe my thoughts feelings and emotions around the change, Claire was possibly going to do the same, as you can tell it didn’t happen.

Fast forward another week or so (it really does feel so much longer) and our flatline state was undergoing a slight change, Claire was beginning to feel flatline/submissive and I was slipping into flatline/Dominant mode. We went away last weekend and had a truly lovely break (thank you Claire), during which time we “played” a little to that effect (as we had done before going away) and both very much enjoyed it.

Since returning though this has flipped again and Claire is now flatline Dominant while I am flatline submissive, although that’s not strictly true. Unlike when it was the other way round, there is much less flatline this way round, possibly because we had spent many many months with me as her sub.

It is still very early days but as it stands at the moment it looks very much like it is business as usual (appalling use of a phrase I apologise lol) and we both seem to be picking up (tentatively but steadily) where we left off prior to the period of flatline that we went through.

It is still a case of watch this space as anything really could happen, we both know that now and are so lucky to be able to adapt to the other and situations as proficiently as we do  🙂

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No, I don’t mean like that, well actually I have been doing that too, just sent Claire a video of me wanking, that’s one of my rules, I have to do so every week, regardless of whether I am with her not.

The “playing” I referred to in the title however was not that one, I meant playing with the blog (again)

This time I have added a new tab ^^^^^^^ up the top there, a tab that links to a new section that details my “current” rules, these are obviously subject to change and often evaluated and reviewed, with changes being made where necessary. The changes may be a “slight tweak” or a dropping of the rule completely, its dependent on many things and I’m sure that at times certain rules or rule changes will be mentioned in posts anyway, but we thought it was time the rules had their own section.

The section differs slightly from the ongoing activities one in that they are everyday rules that can and do change, as opposed to fixed activities that are ever present (until Claire decides otherwise of course)

I have also amalgamated (that’s a lovely word) the My Domme and My Sub sections into the More About Us section as it makes the bar at the top look so much tidier, we do like tidy 🙂

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……. of the stamp……

I have been playing, no, not like that, well yes, of course like that (when allowed obviously) but that’s not what this short post is about.

The playing I refer to is with the blog, I have added an email link in the about us section (plus one on the sidebar that I have tried to make unfriendly to spammers but it may be quickly removed if not lol)

Claire and I were talking and we thought it would be nice as it gives other options for those that may be too cautious to comment but would like to say or ask something.

It may get used it may not (it doesn’t really matter) and equally it may be a resounding flop and vanish after a short period of time, but for now its there 🙂

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Initially when Claire and I decided to publish our thoughts, adventures, desires and activities via the medium of “a blog” we thought that each having a separate blog would work well. One (this one) my sub blog and the other being Claire’s blog, the one that would be used mostly was this one with me posting and Claire leaving comments etc. Claire had planned to develop hers over time and the two would of course be inextricably linked.

Well, that has changed now (as a side note Claire often “changes” things “because she can” as I found out earlier tonight when I though my bottom would be plugged for a while, I will go into this in more detail in the next post as I have been told to expand on the last post anyway so it fits nicely) anyway, I digress.

Instead of Claire having her own blog separate to this one, this blog will go from being “my sub blog” to “our  blog” we will both post at varying times and the “tags” accompanying the posts will denote who wrote which post, although I’m sure it will be easy to tell lol. It also doubles as a way of searching for anyone that wants to read Claire or my posts in succession.

So from now on (I will go back and add relevant tags to old posts) any posts written by Claire will carry the tag Claire and any written by me will carry the tag, wait for it, Paul, I hope that makes sense.

So a bit of a change but not one that will detract from the blog, besides, the blog serves one central purpose and has since its inception, for both Claire and me to enjoy, hopefully someone else may do to at some point, but we certainly have and will continue to do so.

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