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Strike a Pose

Now I have never been much of an exhibitionist, as a rule I mean, obviously that has changed to an extent since I became Claire’s sub/boy/sex object, today being a case in point.

Picture the scene (actually don’t lol) we had invested in some semi rigid anal beads a while back and it turned out that today was the day they were to be used.

Not that Claire was going to use them on me, no no no, I was going to use them on me, on my back, on the floor (although I had a rather warm and comfy throw to lay on) while Claire sat back all comfy on the sofa and watched me.

So away I went, inserted said beads into myself (anally) and laid there for Claire’s amusement, humiliating ? yes,  me writhing round the floor with one hand on the beads ensuring they stayed deep within me and my other hand by my mouth (well I was sucking my thumb too at the time, I need the comfort it brings given my embarrassment lol)

After Claire had been amused enough I was allowed to remove them, thankfully, although my humiliation continued as I then had to get on all 4s and wank for her (didn’t use my wanking mat just kneeled on the throw) all the while Claire sat back and just watched.

Still, I must have put on a good show as I got the reward of pleasuring her orally afterwards, which, as ever, was amazing  🙂


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